Can't pass last test case - Exercise Tracker project - Back End Development and APIs

Good Day Dudes, Really Need Help Please.

I’m taking the FCC Back End Development and APIs - Exercise Tracker project and am literally an error away from claiming the certificate. However I can’t seem to pass the final test despite following the requirements to the best of my efforts. I have even replicated how the FCC example site api responds but to no avail.

I don’t want to copy other’s entire code solution so I’ve been staring at my screen for the whole day. Really need help.
Replit Link: mygrind-lite - TypeScript Repl - Replit
mygrind-lite - TypeScript Repl - Replit

I figured it out just now. A simple console.log() at the beginning of the function did the trick. One of my finest moments again it seems.

The bug was that I didn’t set up the last function to handle a lone “limit” query included in the test. ex. /api/users/6312e3cb7b5d5b32ecd51b64/logs?limit=1

Lesson: Always check the logs

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