Can't pass step 30 in Registration Form

The activity is asking to add text before select element and doesn’t get passed. This is the code. Please suggest a way to get passed this.

Please provide a link to the challenge.

And please don’t provide pictures of code - just cut and paste code. It makes it easier to try things out.

I’m sorry didn’t actually know how to share the problem
This is the link : Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form: Step 30 |

I can’t test without your code - unless I want to type it all in by hand - but I would put the “How did you …” text on the same line as the <label> - there is a slight difference on which the test may be getting snagged.

The label and “How did you hear about us?” shouldn’t have any space


  How did you hear about us?

How it should be

<label>How did you hear about us?

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