Can't pass the Issue Tracker Challenge

I’m stuck on this challenge for weeks now, and i can’t pass it. :exploding_head:
I get 2 test failing:

1)You can send a PUT request to /api/issues/{projectname} with an _id and one or more fields to update. On success, the updated_on field should be updated, and returned should be { result: 'successfully updated', '_id': _id } .

2)All 14 functional tests are complete and passing.

Also in the test i get 2 functional test failing in the GET suite, one for the “One filter” and another for the “Multiple filters” both saing:

Uncaught AssertionError: expected 500 to equal 200

If i comment out the “assert.equal(res.status.200);” i get

Uncaught AssertionError: expected undefined to deeply equal { Object (assigned_to, status_text, …) }

Please help me, i’m going crazy! :sob:
Thank you everyone!

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Challenge: Issue Tracker

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