Can't play YouTube videos after changing Google passwords (Possible YouTube outage)

This is bizarre, and I don’t know where to begin looking for help on this, but the YouTube and Google automated support sure ain’t helping. I’m hoping that maybe some of our more gifted coders could shed some light on the situation.

When I was creating an account for GitHub, I tried to use the same password that I used for my Google account. Yes I know that was not a good idea, but when I tried it, GitHub wouldn’t take the password and I got an error message saying something about how that password has been compromised.

Spooked by this, I came up with a different password that I use less often, and then proceeded to change the password on both of my Google accounts, which are also my YouTube accounts, to something completely different.

When I logged back into those two accounts with a new password for both of them, everything seemed fine, but now I cannot watch any videos on YouTube. Not even on my cell phone with the app. The page always loads half-way and gives some playback error message with an ID and a bunch of random numbers and letters. Here’s the most recent one on my cell phone:

"An error occurred (Playback ID: WheRIUMYBZNcPW_Y)

Tap to retry"

UPDATE: So, oddly-enough, this issue seems to be happening as well on my dad’s google account, even though his and mine are not linked in any way other than using the same modem and router. He says when he pulls up YouTube on his computer, the home screen is blank. When he looks up a video, he can see the thumbnail and title, but when he clicks it, the video won’t load. The TV is doing the same thing when on YouTube.

UPDATE 2: So, from what I can tell from a quick google search, all of YouTube seems to be down right now. For everyone worldwide. It seems like kind of a coincidence, but I’m happy to see I’m not alone in this…and not going nuts.

I’m encountering same problem on chrome but on ff everything works fine.

I wonder if this thread should be moved.

Instead on ff it works normally.

Aaaaand, it’s over, I think. I wonder what caused it, though. Youtube going out? That’s unheard of!

Yes, the youtube password also changed along with that. Just try to signing in again or you can activate the youtube using You also may have contact with customer support.