Can't print certification

Hi everybody
Sorry but I am not fluent in English.
I would like to speak about two (little) problems

  • I can see my certification but I cannot print it. Can I have a pdf certification to register and print it ?
    There are two topics that I can’t validate (may be a bug ?!) even if tests are OK : Basic JavaScript: Iterate with JavaScript For Loops & Basic JavaScript: Profile Lookup

Thank you in advance for your response
Kind regards

You can take a screenshot of your certificate and so whatever you like with it.

If you are having problems with a particular challenge, please create a topic with details about what you need help with.

Many thanks for your response ArielLeslie.

For information, I had to install the extension “Fireshot” of Firefox to get a valid and full screenshot displaying the signature, and be able to convert this screenshot in PDF format.
About challenges, I cannot reach the next challenges even if results are good. So, this is not misunderstanding but rather a bug, unless I m wrong …

Kind regards

In order to diagnose and fix a bug, FCC contributors need detailed information so that they can attempt to reproduce the problem. If you create a topic in the forum, community members can try to help you troubleshoot it, but if you’re confident that you have found a bug and can describe it in detail then you can just create a detailed GitHub Issue.