Can't produce the wanted result on my Activity

I’m new at programming started learning very recently and now currently working on an activity and I can’t seem to get the wanted results.

Here is the link to my code:

With my code, I’m supposed to be able to see the ‘cards’ on result but all I have is a blank page. I don’t know if I didn’t linked my js file to my html correctly or I overlooked a few things. I’m stuck. Can someone help me. I really appreciate it.

This is what I should be getting:

game.appendChild('grid'); the extra ' ' around grid

with that .card will be rendered but without a background image.
{name: "Card1", img: "images/card1.png"}['img'] has not https or so.

Don’t forget to include just the content of body tag in HTML. …is not neccessary

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Thank you for noticing that extra ’ '.

Apologies if this seems elementary but how can I fix this:

I’m confused…

I am saying that you have referenced local path.
Try to make it some like this (it should be a working link tough):


…just discovered that you are not using backticks with the template literals

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Thank you so much. I’ve only started learning very recently. You have been a great help!

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