Cant resize or move image at all in css

I have been trying to resize image in my tribute project but I have no idea what im doing wrong. Ive tried plenty of things but I cant seem to resize the image at all in css.

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Please ad the link to your project so we can see where you’re going wrong and support you in getting back on track.

There is probably an error somewhere. Most likely a missing semicolon. Can you provide a link?

oops sorry about that here it is

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The very first thing that jumps out at me is that your CSS img max width styling has 2 m’s in it. It reads mmax-width instead of max-width. I’ll look it over closer now but that’s a quick typo fix. If this fixes the issue you were having you can click the check mark square at the bottom of my response to show your problem has been solved.

Just removing the extra m seemed to fix it for me. I feel that this was your issue.