Can't retake the Relational Database Course

I can’t do the sections which I have already finished.

Sometimes I want to revise the already completed tasks, but in this particular course I can’t. For example, I have finished the JavaScript course. But even after completing I can go back to any section of that course and solve the problems again. But in case of the relational database course, each time it takes me to the new topics. I can’t go back to the tasks I have already finished.

I started this course few days back. Then I had to take a break for some days for some personal issues. By this time I forgot some of the lessons. So I wanted to retake the course. Then I faced the problem stated above.

Am I doing something wrong or is this course designed in this manner?

You should be able to review all of the lessons by clicking on the menu and then ‘review’.

there are 2 ways to revise.
1- you can look at the review of all the commands you have done so far in the CodeRoad tab.
2- you can delete the entire container and start from nothing by logging into and finding the specific virtual IDE playground for this course and deleting it. This allows you to start the whole course again from fCC.


Apparently I have to choose the second option. Thanks for the suggestion.

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