Can't save my changes

Can someone tell me what could be the problem please? cause I can never save my changes since 2 weeks now and I have a good internet. Don’t know what I can do finally. I write to the support line nothing works.

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Can you describe in more detail how you are trying to save your changes?

Whenever I do something, freecodecamp tells me that they could not find the server and my changes might not be saved. It it persist, contact the support chanel.

This is what it says: The server could not be reached and your progress may not be saved. Please contactsupportif this message persists

Thanks for the additional information. I’m not really familiar with that error so I’ll have to let somebody else answer this one.

ok bro thank you!
I wish that someone else will reach me out

Have you relied following the link and write to support

yes I did but I don’t find an answer. The first time this happened to me they assisted me and fixed it but now no…

you need to wait until they respond to you, you wrote here on the forum on Sunday, an actual person during their work hours need to read your email and answer you, so it takes some time for that

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