Can't see /learn tab

So I tried logging in with both github and regular email (which btw would’ve been better with regular password authentication). Both went fine I think but I can’t load /learn.

I cleared all browser data for and all subdomains multiple times but nothing ever happened. I still logged in to the same nearly empty loading screen. Same thing happened in incognito mode

Do you see anything when you go to


Nope, only the loading lines

Also: OTP send by email isn’t that secure since email providers always use passwords

Passwordless login has identical security to traditional methods. Did you read the article?

Any website that has email based password reset is as secure as your email unless the account uses two factor authentication. Username + password is just silly compared to passwordless login.

Anywho, did you try a different browser? Which browser are you using?

I’m using chrome, and edge doesn’t seem to work either

Are there firewall or VPN issues where you are logging in from?

I don’t use that stuff on this computer is up, so it has to be either your network, your computer, or your browser. Perhaps someone else will have other troubleshooting advice.

I just updated with no luck

Wait, now it’s working
Thanks for helping though

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