Can't see my portofolio

After login to my account and try to check my personal portfolio and the page just goes blank. Though I can see all the rest (projects, forum etc) just fine, it seems that i cannot check my portfolio and settings.

Any Idea on why this is happening?

Thx for the reply Ariel.
So this will be fixed shortly if I understood correctly, right?

The team is working on it as fast as they can. How long it takes will depend on what they find the core issues to be.

I understand. I just wanted to know if it was my fault in some mysterious way (settings, updates, etc).
Again thanks a lot for your time.

Unless you deleted you account or were a beta tester on, then your account should be fine.

Actually neither of two. After the update I had problems to login for a couple of days, and after this was fixed I am now facing problems with opening my personal portfolio or settings. Though I can see my progress in tasks, etc

When you go to your settings, what has changed?

Can’t go to my settings.

why? what happens? please elaborate

Well…at the top right of the FCC page there are 4 active links-buttons: News Forum Project Portfolio. The first 3 seem to work fine when i click on them. But when i click on the “Portfolio” I am being transferred to a blank page which I also cannot “escape” as the “Go back one page” button on the browser does not work and I just stay on this blank page.

Have you tried logging out, clearing your storage, and logging back in again?

I have logged out and in again yes. I am always using Private Browsing window, so if you mean by “clearing my storage” to clear my browser storage/history I don’t think its necessary cause of that. Except if you mean sth else.

Try going directly to

It doesn’t seem to work either. :frowning:

What do you mean when you say it doesn’t work? (You did replace “yourUsername” with your freeCodeCamp username, right?)

yes of course :slight_smile:
but still it just displays an empty page

Either your profile is set to private, and freeCodeCamp has a bug that is preventing the “This user has their profile set to private” screen from working correctly, or there is some incompatibility with your browser or a browser extension.

Is there a way to contact FCC and ask them to check such a possibility? (of a bug on my settings)

What do you believe that your freeCodeCamp username is?