Can't See What I'm Coding

The challenge and section I type code in are both visible. However, the section where you can see what you’re code is producing is completely blank. I’m early on in this and on the basic CSS challenge where you add a “thick green border” to the image. It keeps saying my code is incorrect, but I can’t even see what it’s doing! Anyone had this issue and can help me out. (And yes, I have logged out and logged back in - lol)

can you give us a link to the place you’re having the problem?


See if this will let you see what I’m talking about

So when I open the link, I get three windows, the instructions, the code, and on the right, a window with a cat picture and "Cat Photo App"title, etc. Are you saying that one on the right is completely white?

Yes. It’s totally blank (white) on my screen

I haven’t seen that happen before. I would click “Reset All Code” and see what happens (you can save your own stuff off somewhere else if you want). Maybe try to open the site in a different browser–do you have Edge or Firefox on your computer?

Good call! It works in Edge just fine. Thanks for your help :smile:

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Spoke too soon! So what happens now is that when I start typing new code, the entire right section turns blank again.

Could tell me exactly where you are typing? Like what line number?

Line 21 and 22. I did also try the reset code button as well to no avail.

That doesn’t sound right. Sorry, maybe one of the higher-ups will be able to help :frowning:

Ok. Well should I post somewhere else, or will they see it here? Thanks again for taking the time out to help me!

It should be here–hopefully one will come along…


These are lines 21 and 22. I do not believe you need to edit either of these for the challenge to pass.

If you are editing the code in a way that causes the HTML to not render correctly, that would lead your screen to appear blank. :slight_smile:

Does this only happen in this lesson or in multiple lessons?

I’m trying to pass the challenge for the thick green border. I’m starting a new style section beneath the “red-text” portion you see, so it moves everything down a line or 2. Is this the wrong way? I was just trying to keep all the CSS stuff together so I can find it easier as the challenges progress.

So far, this has only happened in this lesson.

As far as incorrect HTML, the screen goes blank as soon as I type the first character, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

Are you working on a mobile device or a computer? What browser are you using? Do you have any extensions enabled? Have you tried clearing the cache?

I got it to work. I put the new code in the same section as the “red-text” and it worked fine. Is this normal? I thought I needed to create new style sections for each class.

You do not need to create a new <style> section, no. But your class selector should be inside the existing <style> tags.

Usually all the style stuff will be between the two style tags that are already in there*

I thought that might be the problem, but when I added a new style section it didn’t blank it out like yours did.

*actually you will probably have all style stuff in a separate file–but that comes later.

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