Can't Seem to get Watch a Video to work

I’m taking the curriculum and none of the videos after section’s Create a Form Element seems to be working. When I click the button only a gray screen pops up. ( Anyone had this issue?
I’m stuck at Add a Submit Button to a Form and can’t seem to get past the " Your submit button should have the attribute type set to submit problem. Below is my code if anyone is interested. Thx!

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I’m not sure which video you’re speaking about ^^

About the code you’ve posted, wrap it in three backticks (```)to let others to see the code :slight_smile:

Hey @LeeNg,
Use the “Ask for help” button on challenge page whenever you need help with any of the challenges. It formats your code properly and also gives link to your challenge.

Happy coding!!

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Thanks for all the replies. I figured out my coding issues, but attached is a screenshot of the Watch Video button that I’m talking about


The videos work for me, you can try using the links on scrimba.

All freecodecamp lessons, or just the HTML lessons