Can't Sign Into Account

I’m having trouble signing into an existing FCC account. I’ve tried signing in through Google, Github, Facebook, and multiple emails but it keeps duplicating an account rather than signing into my existing one.

I know the username of the account as the profile still exists (Meritha).
There are only so many email addresses that I use and I have access to all of them, but they are all creating new accounts. Is there a way for me to get a recovery email sent to the email address associated with the account so that I can retrieve it?

There doesn’t appear to be an account with the username “Meritha”.

Apologies. It was case sensitive. It’s “meritha”.

  1. Completely clear your browser’s local storage for (It may be a good idea to repeat this step periodically.)
  2. Log in via email. Don’t try to use another account to log in.
  3. If the email you get logs you into an account that is not “meritha”, delete that account. (Now is when it might possibly help to clear your cache again.)
  4. You may want to try again with the same email address a second time because if a duplicate account was somehow created, the duplicate should now be gone.
  5. Repeat for whatever email addresses you think may have been used with this account. User accounts are stored and accessed by email address.
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Thank you very much for your help! I managed to log in finally!

Don’t feed bad lol. I just signed up for the site itself about 15 mins ago and it keeps asking me to enter in my e-mail and get a confirmation number every time I want to try the lessons. So, I saw the forum option and signed up for that too and I am still having issues. Actually the forum works just fine haha, it is the rest of the site that I can’t seem to get working right.

Forum accounts are completely separate from freeCodeCamp accounts.

My email address [redacted] was hacked. I continued to use the login since it was hard coded in the browser. However, when I cleared all passwords and caches I lost the ability to log in. Now when I try it is sending the verification info to that hacked email address, which is no longer in use. How can you help?

If you can’t access your email, I think that the only thing you can do is email and see what they can do. Please be patient with the team. There are over a million users of freeCodeCamp and only a couple team members. Also watch your spam folder. Sometimes freeCodeCamp emails seem to be filtered out.