Can't simulate a touch event with JQuery

Hello again!
I am modifying a wordpress plugin. I have been tasked with simulating a click event
to a <select> menu . The idea is when user searches an address a simulated click will open the radius select menu.

This works as expected on desktop, but I can’t make it work on any mobile devices. Can you help.

Here is the code.

I have tried trigger(“touchstart”) and click() neither will work.

    $( "#wpsl-search-input" )
    .change(function() {
        var isSearch    = $("#wpsl-search-input").val();

        var radiusSelected = 0;

        if($("#wpsl-radius span.wpsl-selected-item").attr("data-value")) {
             radiusSelected  = parseInt($("#wpsl-radius span.wpsl-selected-item").attr("data-value"))
        } else {
            radiusSelected = parseInt($("#wpsl-radius-dropdown").val());

        if(isSearch && radiusSelected === 0 && !checkMobileUserAgent()) {
            $("#wpsl-radius span.wpsl-selected-item").click();
        } else {

            var btn = $("#wpsl-radius").click()

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