Can't split my div to 2 columns vertically

Hey, im doing the survey form excercise and i want to split my div into 2 equal columns (50-50) using flexbox but cant figure a way how to do that :confused: i think ive tried everything, can someone help me with this?

Here’s codepen:

i want the green div to be on the left side, and yellow on the right

@Domine, first of all, you shouldn’t do this in the first place - so problem solved :slight_smile:
I would suggest writing semantic code:

  1. Write HTML, check if it’s readable
  2. Add beauty and style with CSS
  3. Add interactivity with JS if needed

Now, try to delete all your CSS and see if you can guess what this page is about?


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okay i solved the problem by myself :slight_smile:

close the topic please