Cant swap account to a different email

i am unable to swap my account to a different email is their a guide on it? is it possible to swap your gmail? i tried in settings but i will say it sends a confirm message to your given when clicked on it wont have all the done exercises

If you have any accounts linked under “your internet presence”, remove those and save changes. Then try changing your email address. Only add those other accounts if they use the new email as login credentials.

Thanks i will try that

It doesnt work what i checked for what u just said. It still doesnt work it says put new email i put new email i confirm the email but the email doesnt bring the exercises that have been completed on the other account so i am back at square 1 if you know how to change email while having the same exercises done from the other account id like to hear that otherwise i will just start from where i was on the other account kinda suck

the email which i created my account with used to be my github login since i also changed my github login to the new email i have to login now with mail while accesing my account idk maybe this helps

After you confirm the email change, look at your profile page. Does it have your username? If it just has a random string of letters and numbers, then delete that account. Then log in to your existing account with the old email address. Make sure that no accounts are linked, then try the email change again.

manage to change it idk how but it works

I’m glad it’s sorted out. Happy coding!