Cant understand whats wrong here

i just started learning to code and was doing the survey exercise in fcc but idk why my ids are not working. am i an idiot. pls help.

Hey @mysticai070804!
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I think the issue is,
There space before form_div

nope i must have put it there by mistake right now but it isnt working. also the main id is not working .

Do you have link to your project?
It is easy to understand the problem

yes i have the link to my project.

share the link, please.

please give it @mysticai070804.

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found anything wrong?

wait @mysticai070804.

i understand now
i havent put anything in div or main so i couldn’t see the changes

i feel like an idiot cause i had this prob in the previous challenge too and then figured it out now forgot about it. thanks guys for trying to help. appreciate it.

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Now It works @mysticai070804 ?

it had always been working but i hadnt put any text or content in the main or div so it wasn’t showing me the changes.

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Don’t doubt yourself. Coding is hard.

I’ve been doing this for decades and I still run in to what seem like dumb errors like this. Trust me, its not you, its the nature of the job.

The dev community is always here to help. :grinning:


I feel less sorry for myself now , thanks!!