Can't understand why loop push later, i need field name in my array


function list(names){
  let arr = [];
    for(var key in names){
        let nameArr = names[key].name;
list([ {name: 'Bart'}, {name: 'Lisa'}, {name: 'Maggie'} ])

What do you want to get?
With your code right now arr is:

["B", "a", "r", "t", "L", "i", "s", "a", "M", "a", "g", "g", "i", "e"]

If you want to get only the names in the new array then why noy use a regular for loop? You can access each object in the list array with dot notation alone.

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If you want the names you can’t use the spread operator, that is what is spreading each string in characters

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Do you know what those 3 dots before nameArr do?

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