Can't update my progress can’t update my progress.Please help.
My freecodecamp gmail id :

My device name : Nokia 3.2

Android version : 10

Browser name(In which I tried) : Firefox,Chrome,Dolphin(All latest version)

I badly need your help.

Hello and welcome to the FCC community~!

What do you mean by you cannot update your progress?
Are you seeing an error at the top of the screen that says “We cannot reach the server to update your progress”?

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Hello there. I redacted your email address. The forum pages are indexed by search engines and this may expose you to spam or privacy concerns.

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@JeremyLT Yes it is saying that we cannot reach the server to update my progress.

That is related to your internet connection - it’s the page’s way of telling you that you aren’t connected to the internet, or that your connection isn’t strong enough.