Can't view User profiles, 404 Error

Hello! I am a teacher and I wanted to introduce students to FreeCodeCamp and try it out. They are to send me the link to their profile so I can verify progress. It has worked so far that I can access their public profiles up through yesterday, but today when I try to view them I get the 404 error.

I even tested this on my own profile by pasting the link in an incognito browser and I got the same 404 error. I have also tried clearing browsing history but I get the same result.

is the a known issue today on your server side?


Thanks for reaching out to us.

We’re on it! A bug caused by recent changes is being fixed, but please bear with us as some of our team is out for the holiday weekend.

Thank you for your patience!


An intermediate fix is out, and you should be able to view the profiles again.

Note, You may see a 404-page flash briefly before a given profile is loaded.

We are working on a more comprehensive fix to clean up the UX, but those additional fixes will be rolled out later tomorrow or early next week as more staff becomes available.

Thanks for your patience.

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