Can't write anything in "Build a Survey Form" certification project

Before the recent issues, I started the survey form certification project but since the website came back, it’s impossible for me to write anything on this step of the course. I can still fill the other steps but here is what i have when i open the project step:

Everything is here but the input cursor doesn’t show. The “save my code” button also work even if nothing is written. I didn’t change my setup. I am using google chrome on a laptop.

Thanks in advance for your help.

please try with an hard reload, or clearing the cache of your browser

i just tried both but it I still have the same issue unfortunately.

edit: it seems like the step is stuck on my account. When i open the step and i log out, i can finally write but once i log in again…nothing i can do. Is there anyway i can delete only one step in my progress?

can you try logging in your account in a different browser?

if the issue persist, please write to

Same issue on another browser. I just sent an e-mail.
Thank you.

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