Canvas Image Re-sizing

RE: > Sizeing Your Images

Why do we still advocate in Html5 the use of two separate entity images, one for large screens, one for small screens?

Are not there tools to convert an image to an (.svg) that will scale? C=> snapsvg dot io …

See my page at the The Carbon Free Footprint Project to see a truly responsive (.svg) image in action.


The code you linked to merely changes the style of the image. It does not download more than one image, although that’s a perfectly legitimate strategy.

You can find several options for converting images to SVG format here, but this is less than optimal for any but the simplest images.

Thx PortableStick … I think I used Adobe’s Illustrator ( AI ) to export the original subject (.psd) photo to the (.svg) format. Robert.

Yes … AI indeed was my tool of choice in the past when rendering (.svg) conversions. Here’s the “How-To-Article” now posted at the Carbon Free Footprint repo.