Capitalize the symbol values - Build a Periodic Table Database

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Hello to everyone, I’m having trouble with the capitalize challenge, I can’t figure out how to capitalize the first letter of all the symbols in the elements table.
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I have used this code:

UPDATE elements SET symbol = initcap(symbol) WHERE symbol ~ '^[a-z]'

It works, but it also changes the T to lower case of the mT symbol.

If anyone can help me, i would appreciate it.
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Challenge: Periodic Table Database - Build a Periodic Table Database

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I am not familiar with the details of the challenge but I was wondering why have this where clause?
Surely you can just capitalize all the symbols either way?

Yeah, I can, but idk i was trying different solutions.

The where clause looks okay. So does the initcap .

Does the command give any error?

No, the problem is that I need to capitalize only the first letter without changing any of the others. There is an element mT that when I use the function initcap it changes the element to Mt.

okay, you should look into some other functions then
here’s an interesting list. You can probably combine a few to get the result you want

Thank you very much!

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