Capstone Project

Hello all!
I am just about to finish a 12-week Bootcamp with Coding Temple. I am very new to coding and the community here on freeCodeCamp. I am not the type to ask for help I was kinda shamed for asking for help when I was younger so nonetheless, this is hard for me. I have been listening to tons of podcasts and everyone says that you need to get into the community and talk to other people on the same journey so here I am. Enough about me the reason for my post is I need to come up with a capstone project that uses an API and I would use that data to be displayed on my site. I have an idea that I want to do something with learning a new language (Spanish, Chinese, French, Etc.) but I am having an issue finding any type of API that offers this type of data. If anyone knows anything like this and would be willing to share that info that would be amazing. I am also open to any other suggestions for project ideas.
Thank you

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