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Hello All, My younger brother is preparing for CCIE certificate and wants to build a career in networking and I want to know what skills and career scope of a network engineer in India? Yesterday I have checked on a payscale source to find the average salary of a network engineer and found it will be ₹342,658 per year in India. Can anyone suggest me whats the career scope of this profile?

Hello, not my field, with the little I know:
1.CISCO and CompTIA certifications are a good start. They seem to be very respected in the sector.
2. I don’t know the background of your brother, but some knowledge of network architecture and Internet of Things is used. Also use of Linux is frequent.
3. Regarding career scope, after many years of experience, you can become a Network Manager or an IT Project Manager.
If you want more info:

Best Wishes

He did from electronic and communication. I told him to go with development as compare to networking. So which one is better profile networking or software development

Honestly, Almost impossible to answer. They are two different fields.
If your brother is happy with Network Engineering is OK. He have made the first step.
Every job in tech is a complex one, and one must have some wisdom in terms of choosing the career path in which one have better skills and attitudes (Training in one can take almost two years, for example) .
“High salaries” may be there, but they are salaries after all, if the person is a bad fit for the job,salary is not relevant.
Is better to specialize in what one is good at.
Who knows, your brother can become an excellent network engineer in the future.
Best wishes

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