Career change for a living

Hi everyone,
i need your expert advice on my career change thoughts as i was working in customer services but no skills i have gain though that jobs so i wanted to become now a programmer and want to have command on different programming languages like html css python.
please guided me from where i should start and what certifications i need to learn and how much time is generally required to become a expert so that i can grab a job or work on freelance
i do not have prior IT degree so does that degree matters more than certifications or only skill in this field…?
As this will be only bread and butter so how much it will help to work on freelance market along with office job…?

Just edited the english a bit… is that allowed?

For my whole life I’ve loved being in front of a computer - I was, and still am, excited and passionate about making things happen with.
But despite this, I never took a step towards making it profession - until 2 years ago.

2 years ago I decided to HUNT for what I wanted to do for myself.
I started learning, exploring, and deepening my knowledge for web development! And as I was doing it realized that my passion for it was growing more and more.

Now, I need YOU to open the door for me into this fascinating world, to give me the chance to prove myself and to make my dream to reality.
In return, I promise that you will get my 100% every single day, you will get an employee who does not give up to himself, who will push to understand, improve, give and optimize his efficiency at any given time.

You can start remotely, it would be good for you. Just its like you begin from some entry-level jobs and improve your skills in development practically. probably, [Remotely]( its a right place for you.