Career changing advice & Portfolio feedback

Hello everyone. I am a Computer Engineer with an initial 6 years’ experience in the IT sector, working in Software Developing for the Logistics and Flight Simulation Industries. I moved to the education sector where I have been teaching ICT for the last 10 years and I am pursuing a career change back to IT development.

Besides my academic experience with teaching which is keeping me up to date with some programming routine and lot of soft skills, I have been brushing up my development skills with the FreeCodeCamp curriculum in the last couple of years.

I need some opinions to improve my employability options, in order to justify this “gap”. Any ideas are welcomed. I would greatly appreciate some feedback on my portfolio as well, which I am sending along my CV to apply for jobs:


Hi @lifeisshort !

I would remove the test suites from the FCC projects.
I would have the live link and your code for all of the projects.

Also, I am unsure what kinds of jobs you are applying to.
You have a large and diverse skill set but the messaging is a little unclear.

Front end?
Full stack?
Python jobs?
React jobs?

If you are applying for python jobs, you don’t really show any projects for that.
Same with React.

You just want to make sure that your resume and portfolio caters to the job.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for your response @jwilkins.oboe

I will include a link to the code and to the live link for all the projects.

I am applying to all these types of jobs, I am not sure if I should create 3, 4, 5 different portfolios - one for each type of job or it would be fine just if I structure my project section clearer, showing a couple of projects of each.

I would suggest tailoring the resume for those different jobs.

If you are applying for a python job, then list a few python projects in your resume and make sure they can be easily found on your portfolio.
Same with react, full stack, backend, etc.

People are only going to give you a few seconds of their time when looking at your resume. You just want to make it super easy for them to find the projects that apply for that particular job.

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