Career Gap - No experience

Hello, can someone give me a roadmap ? I am really frustrated. I completed grad in 2022 and for some reasons I could not find any job since then . I did couple of interview but they did not select me . My grade is really low and I have no portfolio and I have no idea how to start to get a job.
I really need a job because it’s almost 2 years I completed my grad. Can someone help me with a road map of 1 -3 month to get a job please?

hello and welcome to fcc forum :slight_smile:

  • did you try contacting your career and placement department of your university?
  • what kind of career are you pursuing ?
  • are you working on any projects for your portfolio?
  • how good are you in networking?

you dont have to answer them to me but for yourself, stay focused, stay on track, good luck :slight_smile: