Career goal question

Hey folks. I was just wondering what your opinion/experience is regarding something. Is it ok for my ultimate career goal to become a senior developer? At this point I don’t feel like I want to get into management. Or is that unheard of in the industry for one to be satisfied once reaching a senior developer status and eventually retiring from that position when the time comes? Thanks.

I’m a satisfied senior developer.

The industry is weird and it will depend on the company structure but Manager has often become the next step, but you don’t manage people, you’re still a dev, you just manage something. You can stay on the developer track and that’s great…if the company has no where for you to go, then, unless they actually give raises (getting less and less likely but still happens in some places) you jump ship, and go to another company.

Also the days where you stay at one place until you retire are pretty much gone. I change jobs every few years when the company stops giving raises or it looks like there is no where for me to advance. Most companies don’t offer much in retirement.

So yes, you can stay a developer and advance as a dev. You may need to switch companies to do so, I wouldn’t bank on one company paying you decent wages until you retire. A lot of companies have a hard time paying decent wages for you to live day to day. So not really an incentive to stay loyal, but you can stay longer if a company lives up to its promises.

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It’s very common for developers to want to continue doing development. We pity our managers and are grateful for them for all the meetings they attend so that we don’t have to.

i nearly fell off reading this ^^