Career guidance-Accountant

Hi guys,am an accountant which IT skill do I need which is relevant to my field, am really clueless is it python,Java or what exactly ?which is not complicated and which adds value to my career

I’d hazard that VBScript could be useful (that is assuming you use Excel). It lets you write scripts to automate tasks, which is a big productivity win. If you’re on Windows, Powershell could be something to look at (replace clicking around searching for and updating stuff in files with programmed commands). Python is used heavily for scripting, and it’s generally useful rather than for a specific application. Fairly vast in scope at this point in time, there are libraries to do almost anything and a huge amount of resources (it is part of the FCC curriculum for example). None of them are hugely complicated (though that’s obviously relative – they’re still full programming languages).

Also, depending on how maths-ey you want to get, Julia was designed specifically for numerical analysis (Aviva uses it for risk calculation, for example), and R was designed for specifically for statistical tasks.

Ok thanks so you recomend me VBscript and Powershell right?

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