Career guidance for software engineer

Hi, i am software engineer with bachelors degree in computer science currently working in IT company.
Need guidance regarding available career options.
What is impact of masters degree in your career path?
Does specialization in masters affect your job type?

I don’t see any need to get a masters in the first place.

I can only speak from a UK perspective, but:

If you have something in particular you want to research then that’s where it’s useful, and/or if you want to prepare for research (ie a PHD). So, if you want to get on a track to an academic career, it’s important.

If you’re in a city with a research university, there will often be a set of small companies producing very specialised products that will have been created by graduates and incubated by the university. Job adverts for those will often emphasise advanced degrees (albeit preferably within their particular specialisation).

Also, if you are in a job sector that requires a specific advanced degree then you need a master’s, but that does not apply here. I guess there are some software jobs that require a masters, but I’ve never seen any advertised and never gotten the impression from all the time Ive worked as a dev that a master’s gave any special advantage.

You have to weigh up whether the opportunity to do focussed study is worth more to you that two years (or however long the master’s is) of experience.

Note that in the UK, universities aggressively sell masters courses [advertising them as a way to improve job prospects]. Masters courses make the unis a great deal of cash, particularly from foreign students, particularly from Chinese/Korean/Malaysian students. Those two things may/may not be related

thanks for helping out.

thanks gor helping out