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I’m quite stressed about my career from past one month. I just can’t handle things in a proper manner. I started the course Wed Dev. in the end of july…and I haven’t completed one certification. I can’t distribute time between my college and my course and too I’ve to keep up with my lab work, assignments,etc…and it takes 1 hr of travelling to the college. Also I need to maintain my attendance.Currently I just know HTML , CSS , JS, Concepts of JS algo , bootstrap, jquery and a little bit of nodejs.

Plzz someone guide me. Day by day I’m losing my confidence. and I always get this thought Will i ever become a web developer…

The point is working and making progress, not how fast your progress is.

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Don’t get stressed out because you can’t finish a certification in a time limit. It seems that you study in college and this must be your prime focus. Finish your studies.

You should not look for how fast you can finish something, you should aim at slower pace and really learn the topics that you are doing. FCC is not something that you want to learn fast, it takes time. You can’t think that you will grasp the core JS part in a single day or that you can finish your algorithms in half a day (if you are a beginner). These things take time, you have to adjust your brain and thought for this.

Don’t loose confidence. Tell us, what project’s do you have? Could you do it again, starting with a blank file? If no, than it means that you didn’t retained the basic.

Like @ArielLeslie said, aim for making progress not how fast your progress is. Trying to achieve something fast is considered the enemy of progress.

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I was working in PR agency for almost 7 years, it wasn’t best years of my life. Three years ago i decided to change my career and it was great choice. Now i am HR manager in IT-company and its perfect job for me. i want to give you an advice - you need to stop panic and finally start doing something - courses and so on

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