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Will I be able to find a job or secure an internship with my first certificate( responsive web design

Your best bet is to look around and see what requirements are needed for internships in your area. As far as getting a job it will not be enough. If you want to land a job then the best path is after working on the responsive web design move to the javascript sections. Then after that you would want to move to the frontend libraries section. This will improve your chances, but again look at jobs in your area and see what you will need to learn. Keep in mind you dont have to fit every bullet point the job lists out, but I would say if you meet around 80% then apply for the job.

Also, after you learn and go through these sections you need to build several projects with them. You need a good portfolio with all your projects for a potential employer to look at and see what you are capable of doing. This is not a path that is going to get you a job quickly. Its going to take time and be a lot of hard work. That doesnt mean its impossible, but its up to you of how much you put into it. Its like a lot of things that you get out, what you put into it. If you ever got stuck or not sure what to do next then you can always ask on the forum


great advice, thanks @Cody_Biggs

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Nop you will not.

I suggest you build some good quality projects ( check out Front End Mentor ) with pure HTML and CSS.

Later learn JS and repeat projects building. Then for sure you can finding atleast internship role.

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