Career path after studying programming

Good evening everyone, I’m new to programming and I’m studying HTML & CSS for a start. I want to do web development for now, how can I earn money online upon completing these languages?
Or how do I earn money in any way through programming?

with just HTML and CSS skills you can build static web-pages as a freelancer. However the market is tight and your rather limited with just these 2 technologies. Due to software like Wix, you might not be able to get any kind of significant work as these sites can be used by nearly anyone and build what you can build using just HTML and CSS without much trouble in less time.

You really have 2 main paths. Both of which require you to know at least JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS so you can at least be a front-end developer. With skills in front-end development you can build more advance things, stuff that Wix can’t do.

  1. Get a front-end developer job - requires more upfront work in getting the right skills, applying and getting the job.
  2. Freelance building front-end applications - requires more work overall, but is more flexible. However its overall more risky as you need to know more, do more and keep it up to stay successful

Regardless of which path you take you really have to understand the competition. If your applying for jobs against 100 other people, you have to be able to stand out to have a chance. If your freelancing against 100 other people, its the same thing.

However in both cases, you can make solid money most of the time if you know your stuff.

Keep learning, keep building and see where it takes ya :+1: