Career path for c++/Qt developer

I am a software developer (automotive field) working with c++ and Qt since 3 years. As of now, i feel a bit lost as of how do i continue along a specific career path. I am sure a lot of people must have been in this dilemma.

I like programming and i like space stuff too. I have been trying to get into space industry where i can challenge my skills and improve myself as a programmer but so far i got rejections. Understandably, due to inexperience in the field.

I would love to learn from the community developers here as how did they manage to transition between industries. What skills did they acquire in order to do so. Or, in general, what skills does it take to get into space industry as a programmer.

Developers can share their experiences here. Would help a lot of budding developers like me.

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C++ is a great langauge. It’s career is always very good.

Ehhhh, C++ is a powerful language. There is a difference between a powerful language and a great language. It’s a bit too bloated for me to call it ‘great’. It’s a Swiss army knife that lets you do anything… which means it’s a Swiss army knife that tries to do everything. (This coming from someone who loves writing C)

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