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Hello all, I started (again) studying Javascript after I quitted last year for personal situations and right now I am very interested again in changing my life and career with coding. I started with javascript because I found it friendly to learn but right now I dont know what would I do with it, I mean, I dont kwon what would I like to do with programming( games, web, etc…) ← these two are my main options but I would like to know from your experiences what did you do to find it out and if at some point I would like to do something that is not in javascript language would be easier for me to learn another language. Thanks all.

JavaScript is one of the best languages to learn today. It’s mainly utilized for the web. And that is what it was developed for to begin with - client-side scripting and making pages interactive.
So as of now, go with the flow to explore its web utilities first, and then you can develop some games, some of which are even part of the fCC curriculum - in the Coding interview Prep section. Once you explore and do the projects, you will get a better idea of what you like to go forward with!
Check out this link too: 40 JavaScript Projects for Beginners – Easy Ideas to Get Started Coding JS (


Hi @josetotoleal !

It is important to learn programming fundamentals and understand what programming is all about.
When you understand the core concepts behind programming like conditionals, functions, OOP, etc. then you can transfer that knowledge to other programming languages.

Start by learning JavaScript and learn it well.
Understand the core concepts behind programming.
Build tons of projects and understand how things work.

Then you will be in a position to pick up other languages.

Hope that helps!

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