Career Path Towards Software Developing

So I’m changing my career while I’m in the mid level tier as a print production manager/Coordinator/printer to a Software Developer which is very new to me. I’m having different thoughts on how I should start this journey. I’m fully aware everyone has there own path however, I want to get this one right on the first go.
My initial plan was to take a placement at Per Scholas and go for my A+ certification which is free but very demanding in scheduling or go into a community college and pursue an associates degree into AAS-Information Systems Tech and while I’m going for the degree I’ll obtain a CSC-IT Technical Support certification which hopefully lands me a job in the IT field. Then I’ll take those credits to pursue my bachelors through a transfer to a 4 year college in Software Development and obtain more certs. Mind you I’m 37 and time isn’t necessarily on my side. However, what are your thoughts on this plan? And do you know of any better/smoother or quicker full proof plans or am I on the right track?

Thanks for the thoughts!

Where are you? Country?

My personal thought is if you want to be a web developer, why bother going through all these A+ certifications and IT certifications?

I.T. is not software development, though they both work with and deal with computers. IT is more on the hardware, networking, operating systems side… maintenance, installation, support & troubleshooting. — not at all related to web software development.

A college degree in Computer Science is not necessarily required (though it can be helpful and may be advantageous to stand out from the crowd) to be a web developer.

But it will take a lot of hard work, self-learning and practice to be employable.

It’s not the paper degree or multiple certificates that gets you the job… it’s what you know and can demonstrably show.

Thank you… that’s very helpful. United States, VA
Will be a good platform?

Instead of Lynda I would recommend reading thru my article on Front-End Development.

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