Career Reboot after ~3 year break

Hi Everyone,

I created a tweet thread with high-level details on where I stand today.

In a nutshell, I developed software for over 11 years, then decided to stay away due to issues related to mental illness. There are varying opinions on publicly discussing mental disorders, but I’ve always preferred being completely open and this helps with finding others with similar struggles.

Over those years 11 I had some level of success but always knew something was missing. I knew how to solve problems and many times, naturally gravitated towards fairly optimal solutions. I didn’t, however, spend the time to do deep dives into the frameworks/languages. I don’t expect FCC to solve all my problems but from what I’ve heard and seen myself from the community, I know this will give me a much-needed boost.

I have no grand expectation, I just know there’s more to life than what I had resolved to for far too long. So thank you all and if you ever see me straying, or going along an errant path, CALL ME OUT, please.

PS. I’m new here, so hopefully, I’m doing this the right way :smiley:

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hi dale , it takes immense strength to come out and be open about depression.
I wish you all the best for your journey ahead man!
I have a noob question do we need to make a presence in twitter as a learning developer?

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Welcome to FCC! I agree that it’s good to be open about these kinds of struggles - a lot of people deal with similar things that make them unable to keep working/coding for a while (in my case, ADHD and depression), so it helps a lot to hear about people like you bouncing back and learning.

I haven’t gotten very far into the FCC curriculum myself, but it is very helpful to me so far! The style of lessons makes it much easier to retain information, I really like how you can experiment with editing code for yourself to see instant feedback. I hope this site helps you get that boost you’re looking for and is useful to you as well.

Good luck with your 100DaysOfCode challenge. You’ll do great. :smile:

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@throttlemaster77, having a twitter presence can be useful. Many of the major players in the industry use twitter so it’s a good place to get a pulse on what’s happening. It can also be a distraction though, so you’d have to determine if you can manage the signal to noise ratio to make it beneficial for you while learning.

I can’t say I did it, but somehow the stars aligned and I was presented with a new opportunity that started on 12-02. I’ll still be completing certifications but the last few weeks I’ve been trying to keep up with the new changes.

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