Career "Skill Trees"? Not sure where to go

I am about 80% done with the FCC curriculum. I have enjoyed dabbling in everything. However, I assumed something would have stuck by now and I’d have a career goal in mind. That’s not really happening. I still feel sort of lost.

Can anyone help flesh out what sort of career paths are actually out there?

The skills taught by freeCodeCamp really focus on web development, so I’d suggest looking more into that if you’ve enjoyed the curriculum.

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I suppose Im asking what else is out there to try out in the world of software development.

if you want a feel of other languages (and learn useful concepts) you can take a look at the harvard computer science course
you could also look at the freecodecamp youtube channel, many different things there


There’s just such an infinite variety of software that I’m struggling to think of anything remotely useful to say. What are you interested in doing with software?

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Part of the productive journey is feeling lost every now and then so you can redefine your next steps, congratulations in that part :grinning:

Regarding the career goal, are you talking about the specific job titles out there in companies with the skills you have?

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I second the recommendation by @ilenia: The YouTube channel of freecodecamp has a playlist “Harvard’s CS50 - intro to computer science” which is so great! Very interesting! I have been where you are and it really showed me more possible paths to follow :blush:

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