Career Switch Advice

I was into code maintainability for 3+ years, just basic js and CSS bug fixes without strong base knowledge on both, somehow I studied basics of react and shifted to another company here I feel I am the least knowledged guy compared to even junior people. I don’t have any project experience and when internal project interviews happen in my company they don’t take me in their project because I don’t have project experience from my previous employer. Now I feel to get my self upskilled with html css js and reactjs, work on projects with learning, that would require atleast 2+ months of full time. I feel like quitting my job and upskilling myself.

Everytime I sit to upskill I m pressurized to do some POC on React, I get all tensed and procastinate my upskilling as well as completing the POC. I just feel like quitting development all together. have lost interest in coding all together now. Now I feel like taking a shift to Business Analyst or get into testing or people management.

Not sure what to do. Please suggest what I could do going forward.

There are always two ways in a job to get paid one is in money one is in knowledge and experiance. If one of those two ends it’s time to quite

For big life choices, I’d consider two things.

  1. Are you happy
  2. Are you safe

Ideally, I want a job that is safe (stable, pays enough, etc) and that makes me happy. Your personal comfort level for safety or happiness helps you judge if leaving or staying in this job is right for you. It’s hard for me to judge that for you.