Career Transition

Hi everyone!

I’ve been doing FCC for some time and on to complete the JavaScript curriculum soon. I’ve been enjoying the creativity aspect of programming. I’m particularly enjoying design and challenged by solving algorithms in JavaScript which I’ve been had rollercoaster feelings about! There’s so much room for improvement.

I recently started my job as a nurse and I’m having some second thoughts on whether it’s the right job for me. I have a tendency for art and creativity and I feel like it’s not really used in nursing. The problem is that cleaning bodily waste and discharges was not my idea of work.

So my question is, for anyone who transitioned from a previous occupation, How did you go about doing that physically, psychologically, socially, and financially?

I have a lot of fears, doubts, and concerns with a new prospect in life and at the same time fears, doubts, and concerns in the job I’m currently too, lol.

The other question would be, how long did the process take? What are some advice you can give to help me in the road ahead!

Hi @katfrisb33, congrats on finishing the JS curriculum soon! You’ve done a lot!

I TOTALLY understand what you mean when you mention:
I have a lot of fears, doubts, and concerns with a new prospect in life and at the same time fears, doubts, and concerns in the job I’m currently too

You’re going through what I went through almost 1.5 years ago. I made the decision to quit my job back in July 2018 and now I’m working as a developer full time since Sept 2019.

I’m gonna shamelessly plug my blog post for a summary of how I prepared for the transition and what I did to accomplish this transition. It’s not gonna be easy to make a decision but I hope my post helps and makes some sense.

It’s a 2 part thing
Part 1

Part 2

Just keep working at it and you’ll make it! Some progress everyday is still progress nonetheless!


Thanks for posting your article, it always helps to hear how others navigated their journey :slight_smile: I am also working in a healthcare field… and after 10 years of trying to “make it work” “because it’s what I went to school for” am accepting that I am just not happy in my current career and need to do something about it!

If you set your mind to find out what you truly enjoy, I’m sure you can succeed!

All you need to do is rearrange/sacrifice some time to practice/learn a new craft. That’s what I did. Learning doesn’t come for free. The cost I believe for learning software development is not really about money, but the cost is time. :hourglass_flowing_sand::timer_clock:

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Hey @katfrisb33
I have transitioned through my career twice since finishing university in September 2018.
I’ve firstly worked as a junior java developer for about 6 months. It got pretty boring for me, and I’ve started considering switching through web development. Meanwhile a friend of mine asked me if I want to join the company he’s working at as they’re desperately looking for a sales intern. I’ve decided to give it a go, since at my age I have little responsibility, so I’ve learned a bit about sales (for a week), went to the interview and got hired. After about 11 months of working there (mid November 2019) I have decided to quit that job and to go for what I like - which is computer science. The job was fun, no day was similar to another, the money was good and I got to work with one of my best friends from time to time. But it wasn’t the thing that I love doing + that working as a sales representative in Romania implies dealing with a lot of corruption, and getting in jail at my age (or any age :stuck_out_tongue:) would make it hard for me to do the things that I love. So I’ve decided to go back to my previous idea of switching to web-dev and I love it. I am not currently looking for a job, but I will have to in the near future.

I don’t know if I can call it advice, but if I were you I would keep my job in order to be able to “pay the bills”, and sacrifice most of my spare time on activities that I enjoy doing and that can generate income in the future. If you work for 10 hours a day (work+commute) you can dedicate 2-3 hours for working at other stuff. Once you’ve found the thing you’d like doing, and you know that there are some jobs available in your area, start sparing some money, in order to have about 1 or 2 months of preparation/free time between jobs. I’m doing that right now (currently to a month and 9 days) and its a lot better than the last time, when I’ve instantly went from one job to another (friday here, monday there). Its very important not to waste this time, but to feel about it as preparing for a future interview. (I target working at least 8h/day on web development). It should be very fun as you dedicate most of your day doing what you love. If you do all that its very probable that you’ll be more than prepared for the entry level requirements for the next career you choose.

*I forgot to mention that I’ve been a sales representative for a medical devices distributor - so I met with nurses every single day at that job. I really got to respect what they do as I can never ever in my life do even 10% of their daily tasks… I know its hard for you, but discipline and sacrifice should get you there. I tend to think that if you really desire something, it will come to you :wink:

Happy holidays, and I hope there are glimpses of helpful stuff in my post for you… Do not abandon your dreams and who you are :wink:

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Hi @emireis ! I was talking to one of my wise patients, and he told me that we spend so much time of our lives at work. If we spend most of our time at work in a week, we might as well enjoy it. It really got me thinking about my career longterm and to feel unsatisfied most of my life (because i spend most of my life at work), its definitely depressing.

Thanks for the reply! I appreciate the advice that i should keep my job to pay for the bills. Nursing is great as it has a stable income, plus theres time between rotations (4 shifts on, then 4 days off rotating) that i get to code! I’m not even sure that coding is my dream, but i do enjoy the creativity that comes out when i make things. i have to see how i’ll feel after coding for some time. Thank you for the encouragement!

thank you for sharing your post! Its reassuring to know that others can do it as long as you work and plan through everything. Its just a matter of my own discipline and if i really want it!!