Carl Sagan Tribute page project

Hi everyone,

Im looking for some feedback on my Carl Sagan Tribute page project

Its my first attempt at something like this & as basic (or error filled) as it may be… i’m pretty proud of myself lol

All feedback & constructive criticism welcome :slight_smile:

Nice job, I like your bg picture! I would

change the color your headers. It doesn’t contrast with your bg color and could be better for readability.
Your 2nd paragraph. It’s too stretched out. Try reducing its width like the 1st paragraph.
Instead of changing background colors on hover over hyperlinks. I would change their colors to give cleaner looks.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback,

I was toying around changing the heading colors but couldn’t find one that I felt kept the feel/look of the page.
Any suggestions?

I’ll remove the hover change option from the links and sort out the 2nd paragraph too

Thanks again for taking the time to look over it :slight_smile:

This is the same person on another account linked to my smartphone BTW…just incase you were wondering “who’s this guy?” :joy:

haha I see.

I would use contrast checker to see which colors contrasts better with your background.

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