Cash Register Assistance?

Hello all. I’m on the last JavaScript project and I’m kindof perplexed. I understand what the project wants me to do, I’m just having trouble actually doing it. I’m hoping by writing it out it will jog something in my brain. Also please correct me if I’m mistaken about something.

These parts are working:
-Create an array to store denomination of each type of bill. ie: name: ONE HUNDRED, val: 100.00
-Declare a blank array to store ouput.
-Declare a change due variable that is (cash in hand - price of item).
-Declare a register variable that runs reduce through the cid array.
–The returned value is a total amount of money in the register.

These parts are causing problems:
-If the is equal to the cash in hand…
–Then output.status needs to equal “CLOSED”.
–And output.change should be a copy of the cid array. (Because all the change is going.)

-If the is less than cash in hand…
–Then output.status needs to equal “INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS”.
–And output.change needs to return a blank array. (Because there’s no change.)

-Otherwise, it’s assumed is greater than cash in hand so…
–The output.status needs to equal “OPEN”.
–With a for loop, it needs to go through each value in the register until it finds a denomination.val that is smaller than the change due. ie: If change is $.50, it runs until it reaches QUARTER and subtracts $.25, and then subtracts $.25 again.
–Each time the register finds the right denomination.val, it should add the amount to the output.change array, and the as well.
-And finally output.change is returned. (Because some change is going.)

… This is a doozy of a project. I guess that’s why it’s the last one in the certificate!