Cash Register JS Algorithms and Data Structures

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My code works on VS Code and passes all the tests yet it fails tests two and three when I enter the code on FCC editor.
I have checked the variables for correct spelling and also the status texts.

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// array of denominations and values

var denoms = [

    ["ONE HUNDRED", 100.0],

    ["TWENTY", 20.0],

    ["TEN", 10.0],

    ["FIVE", 5.0],

    ["ONE", 1.0],

    ["QUARTER", 0.25],

    ["DIME", 0.1],

    ["NICKEL", 0.05],

    ["PENNY", 0.01]


function checkCashRegister(price, cash, cid) {

    let output = { status: null, change: [] }

    let changeArr = [];

    let change = cash - price;

    // get total amount in cid

    let regTotal = cid.reduce((acc, current) => acc + current[1], 0);

    // console.log(regTotal);

    // when result is exact change

    if (regTotal == change) {

        output.status = "CLOSED";

        output.change = cid;

        return output;


    // when there is insufficient funds

    if (regTotal < change) {

        output.status = "INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS";

        return output;


    let register = cid.reverse();

    let value = null;

    for (let i = 0; i < denoms.length; i++) {

        value = 0;

        if (denoms[i][1] > change) {

            // get next lower currency denomination


        } else {

            while (register[i][1] > 0 && change >= denoms[i][1]) {

                change -= denoms[i][1];

                register[i][1] -= denoms[i][1];

                value += denoms[i][1];

                change = Math.round(change * 100) / 100;



        // if this denom was used then add to changeArr

        if (value > 0) {

            changeArr.push(denoms[i][0], value);



    // If there are no elements in change_arr or we have leftover

    // change, return the string "Insufficient Funds"

    if (changeArr.length < 1 || change > 0) {

        output.status = "INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS";

        return output;


    // transaction good, change and status returned

    output.status = "OPEN";

    output.change = changeArr;

    return output;

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Google Chrome : Version 90.0.4430.212 (Official Build) (64-bit)
and VS Code with node.js
Both run my code passing all the tests

Challenge: Cash Register

Link to the challenge:

Can you say which tests fail?

You are using a global variable, which I am suspicious of.

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The change property of your output is supposed to be an array of arrays. Your output.change property is a single array. That’s the main reason your tests aren’t passing.

Thanks for your help. I had the denoms array inside my original code and just tried moving it global to see if there was any difference. I have since put it back as a local variable in the main function.
The problem was pointed out to me by DrantDumani that I was returned a one dimensional array instead of a 2D array which I have since changed and now code passes all the tests.

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Thanks for your help. A simple code change to 2D array solved the problem. My code now passes all of the tests.

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