Cash Register project. I misunderstand what the result should be

I misunderstand something… I will use the secound test to explain:

In this test the client paid 20$ and the Price was 19.5$ so the client need 0.5$ back. right?
If I’m right so why the result change of this test is ["QUARTER", 0.5] .? Isn’t it should be ["QUARTER", 2] ?!
As he needs 0.5$ and the Quarter is 0.25$ so the change should be 2 Quarters

I don’t understand this challenge well. so please Help me :slight_smile:

Link to FCC Cash Register Project.

And here is My code till now:

["PENNY", 1.01] means 1.01$ in pennies. You are writing the total amount you have in that denomination, not the number of pieces you have

So ["QUARTER", 2] means 2$ in that denomination, but that is not the right answer

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really Thank you @ilenia :blush:
so ["PENNY", 1.01] means I have 101 pennies and `[“ONE HUNDRED”, 100] means I only got one paper of 100 denomination.
One other thing I want to make sure I understand it right.
Open: When I’m able to give the change back and I also still have money in the drawer ?
Closed: When I’m able to give the change but after giving it there will be no money in the drawer ?
INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS: when I’m not able to give the change ?

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Exactly. There are two possible reasons why you might send INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS: either the cid totals less than the change due, or the combination of units in cid can’t meet the change due amount.


Thank you, you made it clear @snowmonkey :blush:

@ilenia @snowmonkey
Really thank you. :blush:
I’ve just passed the challenge because of your help. :sunny:
I do really appreciate your help. Thank you again.