Cassin's Portfolio

Hi. Please review it. I couldn’t make my portfolio mobile-responsive. Check it please.

HI. This is a nice start. I would suggest making your contact/follow icons a little easier to see. Perhaps 2-3 times larger and a lighter color against the dark background.

With your experience, you should be able to link to more projects. What of the projects you have completed here at freeCodeCamp?

Sending to your GitHub repo is good, but it should go to more than just a description. Potential clients and employers will be wanting to see your work in action.

It is okay to showcase any class or side projects that you are proud of.
I was told that we should have at least 2 or 3.

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Your website looks great. I recommend placing higher resolution image of your first project, and maybe change the caption to what the project title is instead of giving it a caption “github link.”

I would also agree with @KoniKodes, please make your contact icons larger. I also recommend adding mailto hyperlink to your email but it’s up to you. Here’s an example:

Another thing, could you also scale your website to mobile a mobile device? You could use @media queries to help you for different viewports. I couldn’t find the navbar when I scaled your website down to a smaller viewport.

All in all, your website looks good.


Thank you so much KoniKodes. I’d do the same.

Also I’m a newbie I’m earning my project strength only now in github.

Thanks chups2themax, I’m learning media queries now. Will implement it soon here. :slight_smile:

You are on the right path then :slight_smile:
Happy Coding