Cat don't love laser pointers

Hello. In the 21th “learn HTLM by building a Cat photos app” we are asking to display "three things cats love:
cat nip, laser pointers, lasagna
Yet they don’t like laser pointers, its even bad because their instinct dictates them to chase it but they can’t catch it so it frustrates them.
Change it please, thank you

I’m not sure its universally true that cats don’t like laser pointers?

My old cat loved them.

I’ve had cats all my life and have been fostering kittens for over 20 years and the overwhelming majority of them love to play with the laser pointer. But yes, it has the potential to be frustrating if you abuse it. Usually, they will just get bored after a while and stop chasing it. But you can still “love” something and find it frustrating at the same time (just ask my wife).


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