Cat Photo 15, Irrelevant Responses and an Absence of Guidance

I’m not understanding this particular step. I’ve not been told how to “surround” anything. The automated feedback does absolutely nothing for me. Upon submitting code, an often response is:

You should have an img element with an src value of You may have accidentally deleted it.

The interesting part about this response, is that I did not in fact delete that segment of code. I have no idea how this response occurred. The hints are not helpful to me whatso ever. This poorly designed curriculum throws problems at you, with no information whatsoever, and expects you to come to a solution. If you don’t know what to do, you have absolutely no recourse through the site. This is meant to be the first experience of code to a beginner and there is no background, no instruction of what constitutes elements or tags or anything at all. There are resources on this site like the Scientific Computing with Python that actually go into the syntax, and teach beginners how to code. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to start here, in stark contrast to the website’s directions. Shame!!!

The instruction says:
“Turn the image into a link by surrounding it with necessary element tags.”

  1. If you want to turn something into a link you are supposed to use an ‘a’ element.
  2. If you want to turn the image into a link you should wrap the ‘img’ element with ‘a’ tags:
<a href="url"><img src="url"></a>

The instruction couldn’t be more helpful! The code line above the one in the question is a good example of what you are expected to do (you have already done one similar task in the previous step). There are no expectations from you to come to a solution. You have to find the answer yourself if you want to pass the step, and everything is already given to you in the challenge. Hints are not the final solution, and never will be, throughout the course. They are just variations of what could be incorrectly done in the step.

P.S. I don’t see your code. Post your code, and someone will help you. This is the main purpose of the forum’s existence.


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