Cat photo app problem

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I’m confused on what to do to make the link in the cat photo app

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    <h2>Cat Photos</h2>
    <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
    <p> Click here to view more <a href="https://cat">cat photos</a></p>
    <img src="" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back.">
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Challenge: Step 12

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This looks like the starter code. What have you tried so far?

There was another line of code that I had entered from the step before. I’m not sure what it says now because I thought I was supposed to erase it.

Ah, I see

You made a brand new anchor element that doesn’t look like the old one. You need to move the old one to wrap around the words ‘cat photos’ here.

You used the wrong link in your href, change the link to

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